What is a planning scheme?

A planning scheme is a statutory document which sets out how land can be used and developed. It also sets out how land is to be protected and conserved. It includes policies, zones, overlays and other provisions to achieve its objectives.

Planning Schemes in Victoria all have the same structure and include:

  • maps which show the zones and overlays that affect the land
  • an ordinance which sets out the written requirements of the scheme
  • incorporated documents.

Each municipality has its own planning scheme and the local policies distinguish one planning scheme from another.

How are the policies in our planning scheme structured?

The proposed policies in Amendment C269 are organised into a new structure introduced by the State Government.

See this new structure, with the policies relevant to Yarra highlighted in blue.

How will this amendment affect my property?

Amendment C269 will not change the way land is currently used. The proposed local policies in the Yarra Planning Scheme provide direction for future planning decisions in Yarra. These future decisions may affect your property if you wish to develop your land or change the way it is used.

What stage is the Amendment at?

There are six stages in the planning scheme amendment process.

Amendment C269 is currently in the second stage. This means that Yarra Council has received authorisation from the Minister for Planning to prepare and exhibit the Amendment. During this stage, community members and stakeholders are able to view the Amendment and comment on it by making a written submission.

This Amendment is on exhibition from Thursday 20 August to Friday 4 December 2020. However exhibition was suspended from Tuesday 22 September to Saturday 24 October 2020 during the caretaker period in the lead up to the local government elections on Saturday 24 October 2020. Find out more about local government elections.

A graphic describing six stages of a planning scheme amendment. The second stage, called exhibition, is highlighted.