Who did we talk to before drafting Amendment C269?

In the lead-up to the policy rewrite, we carried out extensive consultation to ensure we understood the priorities and needs of our community.

Consultation for the redraft of Yarra's policies has been happening for the last 5 years, beginning with the Liveable Yarra project. Previous projects such as the Yarra Housing Strategy and Yarra Spatial Economic Strategy have been incorporated significantly within the new planning scheme policies. Consultation for these projects occurred throughout 2018.

During 2017 and 2018, Council officers also engaged with a number of relevant stakeholders, through Council's various advisory committees. Engagement with these groups included a number of workshops and presentations to provide feedback and comment on the proposed changes.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) has been involved in the stages of the Amendment, from advice on the translation of the scheme to the proposed additions and modifications to the previous policies.

Liveable Yarra project

We started talking to the community about planning for a Liveable Yarra in 2015.

The Liveable Yarra: better planning for people and places project provided an opportunity for us to have an in-depth conversation with our community about how we adapt to the challenges and opportunities brought about by growth and change in our city.

It included a People's Panel, Advisory Committees, and targeted community workshops ensuring participation from all sections of our diverse community.

Over four sessions panel members examined housing, heritage, transport, built form, open space and the local economy. At the final panel hearing 30 propositions the panel thought were priority areas for Council consideration were voted on by the participants. Outcomes of this process were then reported to Council.

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Yarra Housing Strategy

Feedback from the Liveable Yarra project provided clear direction to Council on the key issues for consideration when planning for housing growth. This informed the basis of our draft Housing Strategy. Further consultation with the community in 2018 included a youth workshop to gain further insights from Yarra's younger population and promotion of the draft document to get meaningful feedback to inform the final Strategy.

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Yarra Spatial Economic and Employment Strategy

Extensive consultation was undertaken with the community in 2018 on how we ensure future industries and employment opportunities are protected and supported in Yarra. This included in depth workshops with business owners and operators across different precincts.

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