Yarra’s inner city location provides an extensive transport network including a full range of public transport options (trains, trams and buses) arterial and local roads and compact urban centres that encourage walking and cycling.

The transport policies provide for those different modes of transport to integrate safely and complement each other. Importantly they promote safer access to, and use of sustainable transport options.

There are three policies:

Sustainable transport

This policy seeks to secure a sustainable transport system that reduces the impact of private motor vehicle traffic and on-street parking

It promotes sustainable travel by introducing a transport hierarchy that favours walking, cycling and public transport over car based transport. It specifically includes objectives and strategies to create and improve walking and cycle networks and infrastructure.

Road system

This policy seeks to improve road junctions and public spaces to make them safer and more attractive for all road users including pedestrians and cyclists. It also directs car parking access to side streets and laneways.

Car parking

This policy seeks to ensure car parking is supplied and managed consistent with promoting travel by sustainable modes.

It introduces a set of considerations to identify the circumstances in which a reduction in car parking spaces may be supported. The policy supports a reduction in the required number of car parking spaces where there are alternative modes of transport available. It also supports pedestrian safety.

Learn more about the transport policies

The video below explains the transport and infrastructure policies in Amendment C269 in more detail.